WA State Has 8th Lowest Closing Costs in the Nation

WA State has the 8th lowest mortgage closing costs in the entire nation!  The Puget Sound Business Journal reported the estimated average in our state to be $3,418.

That’s still alot of money!  Closing costs cover everything from origination fees, to appraisal fees, to title and escrow fees, etc, and they can definitely add up quickly.

Do I have to pay those fees to buy a house?  Yes, these fees generally have to be paid by someone, but they don’t necessarily have to come out of your pocket directly.

Our state understands the difficulty of being a first time home buyer, and wants to help.  There are numereous down payment assistance programs that can be utilized for down payments OR closing costs, OR BOTH!

In many cases, you can buy your first home for as little as $1,000 out of pocket.  Although, you have to be a first time home buyer and meet certain requirements to be eligible.

To find out more about these down payment assistance programs and their guidelines, go to our Calendar/Reservations page and register for one of our free First Time Home Buyer workshops.


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