Our Educators

 Tolin Peterson started his career in mortgage lending after receiving his Bachelors in Finance from the University of Washington.  After many years of lending he eventually made a natural transition into the field of real estate.  He has taught hundreds of First Time Home Buyer workshops with MyFirstPlaceNW on a volunteer basis throughout the years.  He is currently a licensed Real Estate Broker and specializes in assisting first time home buyers in the King County area.

Jeremy Locke was born and raised in Seattle.  His family Jeremyhas been in real estate for over 60 years.  He love’s what he does, and enjoys helping and educating his clients, friends and family to achieve their dream of home ownership.  His goal is to make sure you are making the smartest investment possible when purchasing your first home.  He graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelors degree in Communications, and uses his degree to grasp a better understanding of his clients goals and priorities.

 Mark Middlebrooks is deeply involved both personally as well as professionally in the Real Estate industry.  While purchasing his first property many years ago, the intricacies of the home finance process sparked a curiosity that eventually lead to a career change.  Two years after that first purchase he resigned his position in an unrelated field and became a Licensed Loan Originator to pave his own path of real estate investing as well as helping others to understand home finance structures.  He has used the knowledge amassed by volunteering his time to teach classes for MyFirstPlaceNW so that homebuyers will make their purchase in an educated, confident and empowered fashion that is up to date with current underwriting guidelines and loan programs.