“During the class we gained a wealth of information about selecting a new home, how to buy it and the home mortgage loan process to finance it.  We truly appreciated the instructor’s ability to tailor the class content to our specific needs.  They were very receptive to our questions and concerns.  We would definitely recommend this First Time Home Buyers class to anyone who is preparing to purchase their first home.  The information we gained was priceless and we couldn’t be happier with the end result – the perfect home for our family!”

Jeremy & Jayme, Highland Park

“I can’t recommend this homebuyer education course strongly enough. As a lifelong renter, I gained a wealth of knowledge about the homebuying process. The course covered everything I needed to know, starting from the basic question of whether to rent or buy. The instructor had a gift for demystifying the seemingly esoteric world of real estate. I was pleasantly surprised to find a friendly, knowledgeable instructor who taught me how to avoid scams. Whether you’re buying your first home or your fifth, you will be glad to have taken this course.”

Bryan, Phinney Ridge

“Taking the first time home buyers class was the most important step in buying a home for my wife and me. We had no idea if we were ready or able to buy a home, and had no idea where to begin. The class provided us with a basic understanding of the process, an idea of how to begin and was tailored to our individual needs. Three months after taking the class, we had the perfect house that met every single one of our needs and wants. This class was essential to the ease with which we bought our home, and empowered us with the confidence to begin the process.

Mateo & Liz, Rainier Beach
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